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11 Ideas Gathered from Photos

Hey y’all,

I’ve picked up the pace on my DIY Bohemian Facebook page, posting several ideas each day to inspire you to get busy on a project, which is what I need to do, too—but, life happens.

My objective in this post—as always— is to stir your inventiveness.

Because the combination of do-it-yourself and the unconventional bohemian spirit involves more than just one’s own personal style in the way each of us dress, it also includes the way we adorn our homes.

On my DIY Bohemian Facebook page, I’ve started including projects other than specifically clothing and accessories. I have long been interested in making certain decorative items for the home, and used to do it a lot. I LOVE making things!

I feel inspired to widen our conversations about creativity to include decor. Here is the first of such. 

My post title carries the idea that you really don’t always need a tutorial. Many times, all you need to do is look carefully at a photograph of something to get a good idea of how to make it… or, to get an idea for something similar.

Of course, I will continue to share with you my tutorials, as I do my projects. 

I hope to do some of these! But, in the meantime, take some incentive from the following.

Study Photographs

Lantern Birdhouse

For instance, when I saw this lantern birdhouse, I just fell in love with it!

Granted, the birdhouse needs to meet certain dimensions to fit into an antique lantern. 

But, it’s DO-ABLE!!

I absolutely adore this idea! Who’d-a-thunk-it? Spoons for cabinet handles! 😀 

Antique-Spoon Cabinet Pulls

By adding little individualistic touches like this, you can really “bohemian-ize” your home!

Remember: Bohemian = unconventional.

Antique-Shabby Chic-Bohemian Style

What a fabulous idea for a chair cover!

This fits into bohemian decor, as well as, shabby chic—and any manner of unique styles of furnishing your home.

Eclectic is the way to go when you want 

original and nonconforming!

Simply fill your living space with things you adore!!

Ya know that collection of doilies you’ve been hording for a really great project? This is it! 

Paintbrush Still Life

This is a work of art in mixed media!


For those of us who are drawing impaired, there’s still a way to be artists! Well, besides dressing in an artistic manner! …which, in itself, actually is mixed media art!! Lol.

If you hold onto things in hopes of finding further use for them (as I do), then, this is your project! Or, you could probably find scrubby old stuff at a rummage sale—or, in someone’s curbside trash pile—for free! Hey, I’m not above it! Lol.

Old beaten up paintbrush + a picture of anything + doodads = art!

Clever Necklace "Tree"

I really like this one! But, then, I really like ALL these ideas! …or, they wouldn’t be on my post! Lol.

If you’re at all like me, you have LOTZA necklaces!

The “necklace wearer” really NEEDS something on which to organize her many strands, chains, pendants, etc., etc.

Putting them in a bowl just gets them all tangled up! No good! They must be hung. 

My own “light-bulb idea” was to hang them on the arms of a brass T-shaped, two-candle candle holder.

But, I love the pictured idea, too—It also makes a very attractive wall hanging! 😀 

This is a fun no-sew, no-glue way to spiff up your kicks!

No matter what kind of boot you love—ankle boots, cowboy boots, boots with spike heels—any boot can be easily embellished in this way! 

Get a kick outta your boots!

Simply wrap your boots in belts!

Anything from leather to glamour and glitz brings more bohemian spirit to your favorite footwear!

Chains work well for this, too!

Multiple Belts

Here’s another good look using many belts!

Though, this shows using all narrow ones, belts of differing widths would be attractive—even pairing a couple of wide belts together, with them hugging your hips, adds a contrasting texture to smooth or feminine fabrics.

This is one I’m eager to create!

I love the tattered look!

Even though this shows using an eyelet lace-up in the front, which I love, I think you could even use the waist area of jeans or shorts—or,fitted skirt, for the base of this “fairy belt.” 

Just add streamers of colored fabric sewn to the inside bottom edge.

Fairy Fabric Belt

Wear it over a skirt, short or long, slim or gathered for added appeal!

Here’s a variation of, basically, the same idea…only with a more western appearance. 

This way of patching is worth making holes just so you can patch ’em!

We all hate to say good-bye to our favorite jeans. Even though, distressed denim is cool, there will come a time to either patch 

Happy Patching!

’em or pitch ’em. I vote for patching! 😀

Use colorful and sturdy material, such as upholstery fabric. You can get upholstery scraps from sofa cushions and throw pillows.

  • Turn the jeans inside out,
  • pin on a patch,
  • run it through your sewing machine many times,
  • turn them right side out. 🙂

Vintage Clipboard Frame

Well, this may not be a clipboard, but that’s what I may use. I may smear some colored paint on it and sand in a few places when dry.

I love all the pieces that make this little work of art so interesting: the antique photo, the spool of 

thread, and what looks like a drawer pull with some crochet peeking out under it.

India Bells

This, too, is a must-do for me. 🙂

I just got a pair of purple skinny jeans for a quarter! Can you believe it? And I believe I have just the skirt to make the bell bottoms from!

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Find your Style Outside your Comfort Zone

Hey y’all,

I was recently reading another blogger’s post. In it, she was challenging her readers to step out of their comfort zone to find new boldness they didn’t know they possessed, and feel invigorated by accomplishing something new and different. I’m sorry I didn’t take note of the blogger’s name. 🙁 

Her post listed a number of suggestions of how one might find new freedom…

if only she would step out and away from her normal routine.

One, was public speaking: Nope! Another was sleeping naked: Nah!

The one that stood out to me was: “wear something ‘weird,’ and go out in it.” Lol! I commented on her post that I do that every day! 😀

Lol. On the day I had my picture taken for this post (featured image at top), I was waiting for my dear hubby, and found this kids’ swing set. 🙂 I was swingin’ away when he came out. Lol. I’M JUST A LITTLE GIRL!! 😀

It’s funny how each of us has boldness to do some things out of our comfort zones, but not other things.

Altho’, dressing unconventionally for me is not out of my comfort zone—now, at the beginning, it certainly was!

If your accustomed way of dressing blends in with the crowd, decking out “differently” will take a little getting used to.

Most people’s ensembles are bland and neutral.

Wearing colorful clothes will definitely be an eye popper.

Layering is always fun.

And, mixing prints is against the fashion rules of old. Lol. But, unconventional calls for breaking the rules of traditional, mainstream fashion.

My desire to kick out of “normal” and boring was stronger than my fear and apprehension of what others might think or how they would give me weird looks. 😀

When ya get down to it, who cares what others think or say! 

Think about it:

I know that you know what your style is…so, why aren’t you wearing it? 

When I’m out-n-about, and a woman compliments me on my outfit, I look at what she’s wearing, and I think, “Well, if you really and truly liked a different way of dressing, you’d be wearing ‘different,’ too!”

But, of course, I’m very pleasant and thank her cordially for her comment.

Many times, I give out a DIY Bohemian.com card to those who like my style—to hopefully spread a little bohemian spirit and encourage them in their quest for their own style.

I’m just sayin’,

“Get outa those boring clothes!!”



Don’t let another day be wasted on boring duds! 

Be creative!

Have some fun with your wardrobe!

Create Your Own Style!


No frumpy allowed! Lol.


Leave me comments below.

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Don’t Allow Opinions to Inhibit Your Creativity

Hey y’all,

This year of 2019 has seen our earth’s population swell to over 7.7 billion people. That means that, if we could stand before every single person on the planet, we would be barraged with as many opinions—because everybody has one.

In my opinion, lol,

opinions are probably the number one reason why people are not free to make their own decisions.

Humankind is highly influenced—or, even bound, by what others think. 

Humans have a herd mentality:

It's safer and easier to stay in the crowd

...not too stand out too much;

to do what others say...

to go along with the program,

to blend in with others,

not to be an individual

Many people go through their lives trying desperately to please others, while shelving their own dreams and desires, therefore, forfeiting their own purposes for being on this earth.

Other people impose their own wills on others; manipulate people into doing what they, themselves, want done; live their unfulfilled dreams through others’ lives, etc.

From super paramount down to trivial,

when one allows others to influence or dictate how one lives one's life, that person loses her identity.

I’m not here to fix anyone’s psychological problems. Lol.

However, I will say that we should all treat each other with love, preferring the other instead of always wanting our own way. Love doesn’t force its own will on others, but allows each individual, unique flower to bloom.

I simply want to bring out that—

too many women suppress their creativity in their appearance because they believe others would not approve. 

Part of a woman’s identity is her own attitude toward life, reflected in her appearance; how she expresses herself and how she presents herself to the world, which includes her own personal style of dressing.

FORGET what others like or don't like!!

Dress artistically! Be original! Be imaginative!

Be your own canvas on which you create a work of art!

(P.S. You’ll be surprised at how many DO like your look when you get creative!)

This may seem frivolous, compared to the severity of the scenarios listed above. But, I wanted to make the point that people’s opinions can definitely hold a person back from her own individualism.


I remember back when I so much wanted to be “brave enough” to wear outfits I’d come up with in my own bedroom, standing in front of my mirror.

I think of one time I found this terrific black crinoline. Ya don’t see many of those anymore! I thought it would be fun to wear it so that it showed. This wasn’t a hard thing to figure out: just wear a shorter skirt and let it peek out underneath. And, it was cute, too—but, I wondered what people would think! (Now, bear in mind, this was a LONG time ago…before the boho trend…and this idea of creative dressing was new to me.No one knew me as offbeat.)



That's the problem:

What would people think?! 

So what, if somebody doesn’t like your creation? What’s the big deal? Are you going to be physically removed from a place because of it? 

Ah, yes...the factor of people staring:

That makes some people extremely self conscious and nervous.


If you want to dress differently---

DO it!

Click this image to proclaim to the world that you won't be bound by convention!

You know—if you’ve read much of what I’ve written on this blog—you know how I feel about the current boho trend: I love all the various aspects of it, but I’m not bound to the so-called “must-haves” in the lists of “how to dress bohemian.”

The point is: YOU decide what and how you want to dress.

Yes, you’re certainly allowed to take from the many suggestions of hippie/ boho/ gypsy/ peasant/ Victorian/ goth/ steam punk, or whatever you want to incorporate into your look. Just make your creations YOU! …never copy another’s style.

Click this image to purchase a digital download or poster of this quote! Also available in tees and tanks.

Take it from me: Fulfilling your God-given desires regarding creativity changes frustration into satisfaction, peace and joy!

Dressing unconventionally becomes second nature: You don’t even realize you’re being unusual! Lol. You’re just being you!

It’s your life. It’s your look!

Click the above image to get a t-shirt like this!

Bohemian means unconventional

If you’re one who is tired of traditional, established, normal, ordinary, common, mainstream…BORING, BORING, BORING—

spice it up!!



Click this image to buy this tank top and tell the world that you're breaking away from BORING!


my new


Choose a statement t-shirt or tank top to tell the world that you’ll dress the way you want to dress!

Encourage yourself to be an individual by placing a framed digital download on your dresser, or, select an image for wall art! You may even get poster size!


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It’s More Than the Look. It’s Being Frugal!

Hey bohemians…and, welcome, to my new subscribers! 

Yeh, we all love “the look,” but are we being truly frugal in our endeavors to be cool? 

Are our pocketbooks grinning or groaning?

You KNOW what my answer is: It’s an overwhelming YEPPERS–my pocketbook is grinning strap to strap! 😀 

In this post, I simply want to reiterate the significance of frugality.

I believe it cannot be emphasized enough that a woman can outfit herself for very little money—certainly under $20, maybe even under $10! …and STILL be true to her own style.

The thrift stores are glutted with clothes.

Now, granted, most of them are “normal,” boring duds, but with a little perseverance, you can find some really groovy threads!

The key, here, is to locate the thrift stores 

which have weekly sales. Many reduce their prices frequently on those items that haven’t yet sold.

If you are a size that the majority of women are not, or, if you like offbeat garb—as most people continue to wear drab-average, OR, if you can see the potential of a piece, you can really make out with good stuff for next to nothing!

Check the Goodwill Outlets where you buy stuff for its weight. 

Smaller church or charity thrift stores are another good choice. A couple of my faves have clothing pieces for a quarter! —yes, 25 cents!

Watch out, though, for so-called “thrift” stores that operate as businesses instead of charities. Here, in the U.S., thrift stores have become so popular that some have priced themselves out of what I consider low, discount prices. Yet, they know they can get the prices because they are still less than the mall stores and department stores.

One, in particular, that I’m thinking of, is billed as a thrift whose proceeds supposedly go to help Vietnam vets. But, the owner has been written up in the paper as now being a very wealthy man! …and, yet, it continues on.

african elephant narrow w.line

As far as accessories, yes, you can find shoes in thrift stores, especially high heels. As one who doesn’t care much for tall heels, I haven’t found so many pairs that I like. I’ve had to resort to “real” stores for my shoes–eh, about half the time. But, I try to get in on the good sales and clearance.

Flea markets are excellent places for costume jewelry. I increased my jewelry wardrobe quite a bit with one vendor, in particular—who sold good stuff for a dollar each.

Hats, too, including some vintage hats, are found at flea markets. I’ve gotten some great hats for $4-5. See tips on how to care for your vintage hats here.

OR, Make your own hats (See my hat tutorials).

Rummage sales, usually put on by churches or civic groups, are another great place for bargains and unique finds.

Lastly, don’t disregard:

  • making simple alterations to promising garments to make tops of your own style (See my Tutorials for Tops),
  •  making something totally different from what was intended for the original use,
  • PURCHASE from me!


and do it in STYLE!


Many of us have more than enough raw material in our closets and drawers to turn into really unique attire.

Use your imagination!!

We were created equal,



is better than



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Cheap Bohemian Clothes

Hey Bohemians!

This post is kind of a continuation of my previous post “What, Really, IS the Bohemian Style?”

I spoke of how the manufacturers are putting out clothing designed after the current bohemian craze. Certain boutiques carry apparel reminiscent of the hippie days of the late ’60s into the ’70s, which is all coming back—and “vintage” is now the buzzword.

That’s great! I’m reliving my teen years vicariously. Lol. My teenaged me is looking ahead to me now, when…

I know myself better and have a much better handle on who I am,

and, finally, have my own fashion sense. 

My wardrobe in high school suffered greatly due to the fact that my life did not include having a job by which I would be able to buy my own clothes. I counted it a blessing just to be allowed to raise my hemlines! Lol. Other than that, my outfits were boring, with a few exceptions: I really loved a couple of dresses I had.

Of course, back then, I really had no idea of what my own personal style was. I was even unaware of what colors were best to wear with my skin, eyes and hair color!

So, “getting some road under one’s feet”as one travels life’s journey does have it’s benefits!

As you travel through life, you learn more and more about yourself.

In my teens, if I could’ve had hip togs, I would’ve just immitated Cher. I LOVED the way Sonny and Cher looked! She was blessed to find her style while she was still young!

Yet, I wasn’t so old when I started coming into my own style. I was in my mid 30s.

Lol. I remember I wanted to wear “different,” but was still a little shy about being nervy enough to do it.

I finally got to the point that I said to myself, “If you’re gonna do it, you’d better go on and do it—before you get too old to do it!”


Evidently, I, now, consider that I never got too old to have my own different personal style!!

Lol. Lol. ‘Cuz I’m more independent now in my style than ever!! 🙂

I do want to make a point, here, that, 

the only way one gets to know oneself is by living


living brings age,

But, then, 

age brings freedom,

and freedom allows one to dress in whatever way she wants!! 😀

One's age has nothing to do with one's own personal style. 

It may manifest in a little different way as one ages, but, in my opinion, no “woman of age” should ever be denied the pleasure of dressing in whatever way she desires—even if it is unusual for those in her age bracket.

Unusual = unconventional, right?

My style is not a mimic of anybody else—

not even of Cher.

Yes, she influenced me, but my style is very much my own style.

Yes, I take from hippie, gypsy, the current bohemian trend, and ideas I see anywhere—or, by flat using my own imagination!

But, the end result is a style all my own.

Last winter, I wore this outfit, below, and the waitress who served us in a restaurant said to me…

I’ve never seen anyone in person or online, etc. with my style. This is what I want to get across:

True bohemianism is not driven by the current trend…

it’s being unconventional in your very own way.

Now, regarding the clothes you buy...

Yes, you can find many items in the mall that blend into the bohemian look…but, at mall-store prices.

If you choose to be—or need to be—frugal, buying cool togs in some place like Forever 21—though fun to look in—might not be an option.

Who has discovered the prudence of shopping thrift stores?

I wave my hand and say, “I have, I have!”

Not only are the prices lower—and sometimes, ridiculously cheap!, but, one can find such curious, intriguing and even exotic garb there.

Besides Goodwill, Salvation Army and other thrift stores, flea markets and rummage sales are terrific places to find unusual items of clothing—including those cool, sought-after vintage rags and handmade items, too, and accessories, such as, costume jewelry and vintage hats.

Some thrift store pricing, though, has gotten outrageous, so you really have to shop for the bargains sometimes at the unique thrift stores— those individually owned.

Now, Comes the Real Fun!!

After finding those cheap, cute clothes, arranging them into boho outfits is the real fun!


can make for really attractive and unconventional looks…thereby, creating your own style! 🙂

Change Boring Clothes into Unique Pieces!

You can, also, design your own clothes by re-purposing, refashioning and upcycling. 

Click image for Tutorial
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Click image to Redesign and Shirt and Make it Your Own Style
Click image to Pair 2 Skirts for one ORIGINAL Maxi

Take a look at the many tutorials I’ve created just for you, showing you how to combine pieces of clothing to make one article, making boho bags from pants or pillows, or capes from throws, and kimonos from saris and scarfs.


Click image to Create a Vestcoat
Click image to Create a Boho Bag from a pillow
Click image to Make a Kimono Tunic

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What, Really, IS the Bohemian Style?

What, really, IS the Bohemian Style?

Hey y’all,

One thing I’ve noticed in discussions about things “bohemian”:

When building the “bohemian look,” quite often, the clothing is already “branded” as “bohemian” or “boho,” such as, now, manufacturers are producing individual garments created with the bohemian rules in mind: Garb that is flowing, is highly embellished; clothing that has the prescribed characteristics of the bohemian trend.

We are told that, in order to dress in the bohemian way, we must wear loose-fitting, flowy dresses and tops, boots, and carry funky bags.

I’ve seen sites online, saying, essentially, “the way you build a bohemian outfit is…” and, then, going on to dictate that one must wear this type of dress and a certain category of shoe, and carry a particular kind of bag. To me, anything that is imposed unconditionally doesn’t leave room for one’s own “flavor.”

I love all these things—don’t get me wrong! But, when we are told what to wear—is that not going against the true meaning of the word bohemian?

A bohemian is one who is free of rules; one who doesn’t follow just because others are following—but, instead, blazes her own trail; one that, in this case, wears what she pleases regardless of what others might think—or, what others wear, or how others might stare at her with disdain or ridicule.

I personally think many stare just because they see someone different—a free spirit, one who is distinctive, who stands out in the crowd. Even though you may think they stare with scorn, they may actually be even envious of you, that you have enough self confidence to dare to dress in your own personal style!

I’ve been told I’m brave to dress distinctively.

As I have said in my other posts, I always consider that the best definition for bohemian is “unconventional.” True bohemian style is not wearing specific items that are “boho must-haves,” as in the photo above. No! That, in my opinion, is the bohemian fashion,  which factors in fads, crazes, and trends.

No, in its truest sense, bohemian style is being free to express oneself in one’s choice of raiment, not being bound to what others tell you you must wear! These are rules. Bohemians buck the rules! 

This type of thinking opens the bohemian style to a whole new level! “Unconventional” is more than the current bohemian trend; it’s a freedom in the way one thinks—one’s attitude toward life, which reflects in one’s attire.

I was truly freed when I decided—many years ago, that I would dress the way I wanted to dress, without regard to what was in vogue at the time.

People couldn’t understand my look: I remember a woman who approached me in the grocery store. With a big smile on her face, she exclaimed, “I love your outfit!” Then, followed that with,”Where do you work?” My reply changed her expression to one of puzzlement and confusion when I said, “This is not a uniform. These are my clothes.” She said, “Oh,” and walked away.

So, because I now accept and willingly embrace much of the so-called bohemian style, this doesn’t mean that I am following the crowd. It just so happens that the bohemian trend—in fashion, now, flows with what I like. So, I like what’s in fashion now because fashion has come around to what I like. 

So, How Can You Be a True Bohemian?

If you are naturally of the unconventional persuasion, you’re already a bohemian. You don’t need tutorials on “How to Dress Bohemian.”

Just be yourself!

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Create a Patchwork Facade

Hey y’all,

Okay, you Bohemians who are afraid of sewing machines: This would definitely be ranked in the list of easy sewing projects! It was hand stitched. I thought hand sewing would be more appropriate for this homespun item. Of course, if you want to be a speedy stitcher, you can use your Singer or Brother or whatever sewing machine you have to machine stitch for a faster result. 

I found this idea on Pinterest. It’s from Magnolia Pearl. I LOVE Magnolia Pearl! But, have you seen their prices?! T-shirts are $95 and $125. A cotton denim pullover with fading, distressing and mending is $275. A cotton Jersey T with a pocket is $140. I figure I can do a lot of this kind of stuff myself! Lol.

from Magnolia Pearl

Mine’s bigger than theirs, but I like both. I like this idea so much that I’m sure I will make more of different sizes and colors. I’m really fond of this option to a statement necklace. It would go with a whole different feel of boho chic outfit.


  • Hand Sewing
  • Sewing for Beginners
  • Easy Sewing Projects
  • Sewing for Kids

How I Created My Patchwork "Facade"

‘Betchur wonderin’ about the photo above…Lol.

When I was tryin’ to figure out what to call my creation, I thought of the old-timey false fronts of stores of a century ago. The fronts were built bigger and covered the whole front of the building. The false front was called a facade, pronounced fəˈsäd.

And, so it is with my patchwork piece: It covers the whole front of a top or blouse. 🙂

This is such a great way to add a bohemian look to any blouse, changing it from just a blouse to your own version of bohemian fashion.

Let's Get Started!

Step 1:

First, I gathered two doilies and several scraps of fabric that were like and kindred to each other.

I’ve been into tea staining lately, so I brewed up a salty tea concoction…just enough for what I wanted to stain.

How to Get Tea Stain

I added salt to the hot water before I put in the (2) large tea bags. It seems to cause the dye, or, in this case, the tea, to penetrate the fabric better. I put in a couple of tablespoons of salt.

I steeped the tea for about 15 minutes and took out the bags. Then, I stirred in my cloth pieces, leaving them in the simmering potion—in the pot on the burner on low, for 15-20 minutes.

Fix the Stain

Before rinsing, I laid them out in the kitchen sink and sprayed them with Rit Color Stay dye fixative, and let it soak in for a few minutes. Then, rinsed them.

Step 2:

After they all got dry, I started to assemble my piece, starting by sewing straps to the main top doily. You can see that I sewed them onto the sides of the doily rather than the top, ’cause I wanted a drapy effect.

The straps are from a lace curtain panel I used in another project: This is the hem I cut off. Or, you can use other types of lace.

Step 3:

I attached a few of the little ones together…all by hand sewing.

Step 4:

Then, I simply laid them in the way I wanted, placed pins in various places to hold them together, and started sewing them together.

I also added a couple of irregular squares of upholstery fabric.


I left the lace bunches hanging freely, after sewing down the top of them.

The bottom strips also hang freely.

Step 5:

I anchored down the straps by attaching them on the sides of the finished project, a little ways under where my arms would go to make arm loops, because it’s a larger piece, to hold it better in place.

…and that’s it!!

...by itself...
...with a top.

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Where to Get Ideas

Hey y’all bohemians,
Nearly everywhere I go, I seem to very often get comments and compliments on the way I dress. People seem to be amazed at how I do it. Lol. It’s not hard! 

Admittedly, I have a clothes fetish! Lol. I seem to be obsessed with clothing! Lol. Over the years, I have stayed about the same size, so I rarely give away my garb—my faves, anyway. Now that “anything goes,” I’m in hog heaven. I love mixing all kinds of stuff together to make unusual ensembles.

As I’ve said before, I was a bohemian (style-wise) before I ever even heard the word: Many years ago, I had started to act on my fantasies of creating unconventional outfits, throwing off any intimidation that clouded my creativity. I thought: If people think I’m odd-looking…so be it!

And, yes, I got some looks. People looked at me in a way that said, “What is that?!” (But, some, also, seemed to approve.) 🙂 

How come this whole process couldn’t have started when I was a teenager?! But, I agree with style icon Iris Apfel, who says, it takes years to find out who you are! It did with me. Lol.

I think back to when I was in my late 30s, and I thought to myself, If I’m gonna do this, I’d better do it before I get too old for it. Lol. Lol!

Now, I believe you’re NEVER too old to dress the way you wanna dress. You’re never too old to do what you wanna do! As long as you’re breathing, go for it!!

I believe dressing to suit your personality keeps you young!

pink hat w.line

So, Where Do I Get My Ideas?

One of my favorite sources is Pinterest.

This is the coolest site! Can you imagine that the whole world can look at the same fashion ideas?!! The Internet is an amazing thing to me. Who could’ve ever guessed, a few decades ago, that the entire globe of 

fashionistas would be loving the same off-beat style! Lol.

I like to go through my Pinterest images to trigger things in my  head. I don’t necessarily copy an outfit, but it gets me to thinking about what articles of clothing I have and how to put together an outfit.

Pinterest image

My outfit came outa my head. But, for  example’s sake, I found a similar outfit on Pinterest.

20181107_164428 edit
What I wore last Sunday

Or, I’ll see a certain top or skirt, which gives me ideas of how to create something along the same lines.

This top is on Bohemian Angel for $120!

I love it! But, it looks to me that I could make something similar to it by using a white tank top and, either several crocheted doilies sewn together, or by using a portion of a lace tablecloth—or, curtain panel. 🙂

Bohemian Angel image

This may be one of my next projects.

Pinterest image

Oooo…this looks like a project, too! 🙂 I just talked myself into it!!

This skirt from Pinterest has so much potential!!

Hmmm…I’m thinkin’ I might havta try this one, too. Lol.

Use a short skirt on the top, sew some scrap fabric onto the bottom of it, using even curtain ruffles—and bed sheets, or tear up an X-large blouse, with a maxi skirt under it.

Other Souces

Sometimes I simply cruise the net, or, just happen on something—like I did when I found Bohemian Angel.

This dress, below, from Free People is $168! 

Mine is different, yes, but mucho more frugal!!

(I created this dress just from my own imagination…no fashion pix required.)

Free People image
DSC_0078 - edit
Me in my dress I made from two tops.

Of course, I still like to flip through fashion magazines, too.

An occasional trek through the mall 

may net an idea or two. But,honestly? —I see a lot of just plain, boring—expensive—clothes in the stores.

Keep your imagination active.

Don’t be afraid to get inspired by others’ ideas. We all do it. Lol.

Combine their ideas with yours.

Create your own version of theirs.

The thing is, just don’t be a total copy cat. You wanna still be your own person.

Stay tuned for these tutorials coming soon 😀

DSC_0252 - redesign shirt outfit edit half body
Click Image to go to the Tutorial.
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Simple T-Shirt Remake!

Hey y’all,

Several years ago, I was privileged to assist—for a short while—a woman who is experienced in large animal care. She is, in fact, a big cat trainer—with the scars to prove it. She created The C.A.R.E. Foundation, a non-profit exotic animal rescue and wildlife education facility, located in Apopka, FL.

Her menagerie includes large cats, such as lions, tigers, and Florida panthers, bears, and smaller mammals, including monkeys, also birds and reptiles. This place provides non-domestic, non-releasable animals with a safe and permanent home.

She would take a well-behaved female Florida panther and other native Florida fauna to events where she would educate children—and adults, in the proper respect for Florida’s wildlife.

It was a very interesting time for me, as I love nearly all animals. I loved the panther she took around, but she would never allow me to touch the cat. But, I understand. So, my admiration of that beautiful feline had to be from afar.

As her assistant, she gave me this t-shirt, but it was huge on me. I’ve held onto it over the years, but rarely wore it because it swallowed me. Lol. So, finally, I remade it. Here’s the tutorial:

This is the original XL t-shirt.

The shirt, shown here, is in its original XL size.

Not only did I want it slimmer, but I wanted the neck more comfortably wider, and I wanted to “fringe it.”

This is easy. You can do it, too, to your chosen t-shirt.

  1. First step:
  • Get out a t-shirt with a fit you like, and lay it over the larger shirt.
  • Center it.
  • Make a line of straight pins along the edge of the smaller shirt on the larger one. When it comes to the upper part, place the smaller one appropriately around the armpits.

Once I got to the new armpit area, I made my line of pins curve up to the original shoulder seam.

2. Now, it’s time to cut:

  • Allow for about a 1/2-

inch seam on the outside of the pin line.

  • Begin cutting from the bottom up, 1/2 inch outside the pin line, continuing up the curved lines toward the top of the shoulder seam.
  • Place a pin perpendicularly across the pin line, making a cross, where you want  the bottom of your armhole to be at the armpit. This is a marker.
  • Remove the pins above that marker.

3. Curve your pin line to meet the pin where the armpit is. Sew the sides, removing the pins as you go.


4. Trim away the hem on the bottom and around the neck. I cut about 3/4 inch below the front of the neck, additionally.

No need to be concerned about hemming: T-shirt knit doesn’t unravel. 🙂

5. Make the Fringe:

  • Start from the bottom and cut fringe equidistantly, i.e. every 1/2 inch or so, all the way around the bottom of the shirt—as long as you want. I made mine about 8 inches long because the shirt was very long.
  • Also, cut fringe on the cap sleeves.

Here’s the finished product! 😀


Please pin the image below on your Pinterest fashion or DIY board. 

Thank You!!

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Read about The C.A.R.E. Foundation. See it also on Facebook.

Easy Tie-Dye Project

Hey Bohemians!

Tie dye is a much-loved staple amongst bohemians and hippie types. 🙂

It’s a fun way to dress up a plain tank or tee.

I got a plain pastel pink tank at a TS (thrift store)—or?, I can’t remember where…it’s been a while. I never did really wear it much even though it’s 100% cotton. Darker shades are just better on me than pastels. So, I decided to tie dye it purple. 🙂

This is the original tank top in pastel pink.

First, let me spread the news about a FANTASTIC sweat stain remover that does a beautiful job and doesn’t fade or harm the fabric at all. It doesn’t EVEN require scrubbing with a brush: relieving the cloth of undue stress! 🙂

This tank had yellowish perspiration stains under the armpits.



Go ahead and get that top you love, even if it has sweat stains. Hopefully, it’s cheap.

Here’s the reason: I got this amazing formula off the net:

  • one part hydrogen peroxide, with
  • one part baking soda

Mix the two together to make a paste. Spoon it onto the stains, allowing a larger area to be covered than just the stain, to make sure you get it all.

Work it into the fabric with your fingers. Remember, this is totally harmless stuff; you’re not working with chemicals or anything toxic—that’s one reason I love this–


PLUS: It works!!

Let it sit for a while. I let mine soak in for about an hour, but it may not need that long.

Wash your top normally in your machine, or hand wash it. I washed mine out in the sink with mild soap—shampoo, actually. Lol.

I could see the water turning a light yellow, revealing that the stain was washing out!

Results? Wet or dry, I could see NO STAIN REMAINING!! I love this magical wonder potion!!

It also gets out yellow stains from collars!! …no Wisk, no bleach—just easily-available and harmless ingredients!


On to the Tie Dye

Now that your top is absolutely clean and ready for the fun part, get out your dyeing pot. I got a big, deep stock pot for cheap at the TS. I use it ONLY for dyeing.

I do my dyeing on the stove top to keep it nice ‘n’ hot. This dye loves hot.

Things you'll Need

  • a large, deep pot
  • gloves
  • funnel
  • a spoon, or tongs
  • one cup salt
  • a bottle of Rit liquid dye
  • a bottle of Rit Color Stay dye fixative, with its sprayer
  • an old shirt you don’t like
  • and, of course, the item you’ll be dyeing.

Prepare your Top

I chose the simple circular-ring design.

To do this:

  • Start your design by grabbing a “tuft” of fabric and wrap it tightly with a rubber band. I chose the area in front center, just below the little buttons. Leave spaces between some of the rubber band windings to make tiny lines on the shirt rather than all bunched together, making wider lines. It just looks neater that way. Bind the rubber bands tightly around the “shirt rope.”
  • Continue adding more rubber bands at intervals all along the length of the “shirt rope.”

Make your Dye Bath

Put on your shirt you don’t like, in case you inadvertently “decorate” it with spatters of dye bath. 🙂 


Run a few inches’ worth of tap water into your pot. 

The Rit dye bottle recommends three gallons of water to 4 oz. of liquid dye for each pound of fabric to be dyed.  Howev, lol, I wanted good, dark color, so I used the whole 8 oz. bottle in “just enough” water.

Place the pot on the burner and bring the temp to just under boiling—to the point of steaming. Then,  reduce the heat to low/ simmer.

At that point, add one cup of salt (because it’s cotton) and stir till it dissolves.

Then carefully, pour in your bottle of liquid dye. Stir.

Place your “rope” into the bath and poke it down with a spoon, till it’s fully saturated.

I “cooked” mine for an hour, stirring occasionally, while I worked on my computer.

Set your timer, so you won’t get wrapped up in your other activity and forget your dyeing!

Removing your Piece

Realize your dyeing project is extremely hot.

Use your spoon or tongs, to lift it out of the near-boiling dye bath. Rest your spoon or tongs on the top edge of the pot, allowing your project to cool some. 

When it’s cool enough to handle with the 

gloves, squeeze out the excess dye—even, lightly wring it. You don’t want to drip on the way to the sink.

Don’t rinse it yet, just lay it in the sink.

Save the remaining dye bath by pouring it—using a funnel—into a thoroughly rinsed-out milk or water gallon jug.

Using the Fixative

Attach the sprayer to the bottle of Color Stay dye fixative. 

Spray all sides of your “rope” before you undo the rubber bands. Let it sit for 20 minutes.

Undo all the rubber bands and lay it out in the sink. Spray all across the front, and then, turn it over to spray across the back, 

thoroughly. Let it sit another 20 minutes to fix.

Finally, rinse your dyeing project in cold water, till it runs clear—for me, it was two to three rinses.

I dried mine on the line outside. I don’t know how the dye would react to a dryer. It would probably be okay—might even fix it more.

Please pin the image below on your Pinterest fashion board. Thanx!

Let me hear from you!

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