About DIY Bohemian

“Don’t you just LOVE the way she dresses?!”

I never tire of hearing that!

It’s great reinforcement to a decision I have gradually made over the years.


0819161236-copyHey y’all! I’m Cindy Davis, creator and CEO of DIY Bohemian.

My motto is:

Create your Own Style: Be FUNKY; be FABULOUS; be FRUGAL!!

It’s about the look

Not the label.


I finally stepped out and away from the common, ordinary, BORING way most people dress!!

dsc_0095-tassel-skirtOne of my first projects was a vertically striped gathered maxi skirt that I found in a thrift store. She spoke to me. She said, “I want tassels of lace and ribbon, that match the colors of my stripes, hanging all over me, so that when you walk—or, when the breeze blows across me—I will swing and flutter and be happy!” So, I made matching tassels of ribbon and lace and attached each one to my skirt with a colorful button—aaaall over her body! Lol!

I remember wearing her to the Winter Park Art Festival—and women saying, “What a great skirt!!”

This was long before the bohemian butterfly fluttered its way into the fashion garden.

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Yes, I know, the hippies did their version—and bohemian does definitely encompass that vintage look. But, to me, it’s more than reviving the vogue of the late-’60s-early-’70s period, or the gypsies’ freedom from conforming to convention. It’s dressing in what makes you feel good about yourself, having a little—or a lot—of fun with your style; making a statement that says, this is me!

In those days, when I showed up in an unconventional outfit, people stared. Some, as if to say, “What is that she’s wearing!” But, others seemed to look admiringly.

Regardless, I decided I wouldn’t worry about what people thought: I would dress the way I wanted to dress!  I would make my own style instead of allowing the stores to dictate to me what I would wear…and, at the same time, save a lot of money! though I was always one for the sales. Of course, that meant altering shopping habits to the more unorthodox marketplace.

Today’s thrift shops are no longer graveyards for undesirable castoffs. They are recycling repositories!  They are terrific treasure hunts! Scavenging is a game: Sometimes, you bag some cool rags; sometimes, all you find are duds.

Price also has always had a say in whether or not I buy. Unfortunately, some thrift stores are getting greedy…and mark their items too high! Unless the article of clothing or accessory is super cool, I’ll pass it up. I frequent those stores who have the lowest prices…but, sometimes those cheapest shops have more body bags than body rags! (In other words, they have mostly clothes I wouldn’t be caught dead in as opposed to fabulous finds!)

But, I’ll show you how you can make an ordinary garment extraordinary. So, in some cases, it’s okay to get those boring pieces if you see their potential.


Nowadays…the bohemian style is fashionable for the celebs, but not too many in the real world have embraced this—yet. This is one of my objectives: to encourage you—girl or woman, to find your own fashion identity. 😀

It is my opinion that, based on what has been told me, people love the originality, but are at a loss as to how to do it.

Thus, I feel it my duty—lol!—and my pleasure😀 —just for the pure FUN of it—to help the “creatively impaired”— lol!— to achieve a look that speaks “ME!”; to contribute to the improvement and advancement of attiring oneself to reflect one’s own true personality. 🙂

Granted, some people’s approach to life is serious and traditional—and they choose to dress that way, or their careers demand it. But, some have a little gypsy in their souls and want to express it in their appearance—and to do it frugally!

This blog’s for you! 😀

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