Make your Own fingerless Gloves!

Yes! Make your own long gloves from a lace curtain panel!

Since they’re fingerless, it’s quite an easy project! 🙂 And, the results are oh-so-cute!!

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Curtains can be easily found in thrifts. I found mine tangled up with piles of clothes and all sorts of things in the bins at the Goodwill Outlet, so they were extra cheap! That’s what we like, right? DIY Bohemian is all about creating your own style—frugally!

Get a lace panel that is soft. Some curtains are harsh and scratchy to the touch.

DSC_0041 - edit
This is one glove. It may be a little difficult to distinguish from my white bedspread. I laid out and cut my lace using my bed as a table. Not really recommended—you don’t want to cut a hole in your spread!

To start:

As a pattern, I used the narrow sleeves of a fitted blouse. But, when I sewed them and tried them on, I had to keep sewing them slimmer. So, basically, you should simply measure your wrists and your upper arm and use those measurements (plus a little extra room).

Remember that you’ll be folding each one and making a seam down the side, so allow for about a 1/2-inch seam. Make sure the right side of the material is inside your fold.

DSC_0045 - edit

They start to take shape:

Fold them lengthwise and pin the edges.

Using a yardstick as a guide, pin a straight line between the wrist and upper arm measurements—including the seam allowance, then cut along the pins.

DSC_0046 - editSew the length of your gloves:

Use your machine to sew the side seams. Slip the gloves onto your arms to see how they fit. You want your gloves to be snug, but not so tight that you can’t bend your elbows.

Hem them:

Then, hand sew a hem on each end, top and bottom. Just turn the edges over twice and sew. They’re inside out, so you will turn over the edges on the outside. Keep the gloves inside out throughout the making, so it doesn’t get confusing.

Make the hand cover:

Next, you’ll cut out and sew on the “hand cover” part: I wrapped my hand loosely with the curtain to see how wide to make this piece.  Allow for a seam.

glove 001
Sew the “hand cover” to the “sleeve” part.

I used the finished scalloped edge of the curtain—rather than a raw edge where I had cut—to come down over the hands. I made it about 2 inches from wrist to just above my first knuckles, allowing about 1/4-1/2-inch seam when it is sewn to the “sleeve” part of the glove. Machine sew the side seam.

Sweet Memories photo restoration

Attach the hand cover to the “sleeve”:

Now, match up the seams to each other and hand sew that onto the outside of the “sleeve” (so, when you turn it inside out, it will be on the inside). Since it’s a little wider than the wrist, I made two small tucks—one in the front, one on the back.

DSC_0063 - gloves editAfter that, just turn them both inside out and enjoy your new gloves!!


DSC_0061 - edit
See this outfit.


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