Re-purpose/ refashion/ upcycle


Women have asked me if I design my own clothes.

Well…in a way, I do!

…and, YOU CAN, too!

It begins with


you find at thrift stores:

  1. Look for unique and uncommon threads. You’ll know when you see something you should buy…It jumps out at you. In the sea of boring duds, a few glorious pieces float to the top, if you’re diligent.  🙂
  2. Look for potential in more ordinary clothes.
  3. Bear in mind that a large garment can be considered for the fabric itself.
  4. A cheaply-priced piece that has unusual buttons can be purchased for the sake of the buttons.
  5. Just as, the trims, tulle, lace, etc., can entice you to buy an article.

Tips for shopping:

  • Get natural fabrics, such as, 100-percent cotton, silk, rayon and linen.
  • Look for anything made in India ❤ They have the best patterns and prints—always colorful and exotic, compared to most American prints and patterns.

Once you get your treasures home,

put on your creative hat:

  • Think about what you have in your closet or drawers; think about colors. Get an idea—and just do it!
  • Don’t be afraid of scissors! Go ahead ‘n’ cut!
  • Change it around; combine with another garment; embellish it!

—and it becomes a whole different piece of clothing…

without the hassle of starting from scratch!

Think of the possibilities!

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