Tutorials for Entire Outfits

Think "Outside the Box!"

DIY Bohemian was birthed out of my yearning to encourage women to:

Create the look that expresses YOU!

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Two Tuts in One!

In these two tutorials, I give you romance!

(The tut for the top follows after the skirt tut.)

The Art of Frugality!

Perseverance is the key to finding cool rags for dirt-cheap prices!

Be Yourself!

Too many women are following the Pied Piper—that is, the dictates of clothing manufactures—to their detriment!

Fulfill your God-given ingenuity in the way you dress!

In other words, YOU are  suppressing your power of creative imagination!

Change It Up!

Any closet has more than one thing that goes with only one thing!

An extra minute will yield a new outfit!

Wear It Differently!

Simply rethink your clothes!

Coordinate Colors

Check through your closets and drawers for articles you no longer wear which share harmonious colors with other pieces…and, PUT THEM TOGETHER!

Thrift for Colors---not just Size

As you tirelessly search for those Boho togs, don’t dismiss garments that are too big. If you love the color, print or fabric, if it’s cheap,

you can always REMAKE!

Dress for the FUN OF IT!

Don’t be afraid to stand out in the crowd! Maybe you’ll start a revolution!


Go the Frugal Route!

Refuse what others say you must wear!!

I give you ideas on how to use what you already have to put together an original outfit.

For the Cheap at Heart!

Don’t spend big bucks at the mall! You can achieve the look you want by thrifting the unusual and using your imagination in your outfits.

A Twin-Spin Tut!

I show you how to bring versatility by making a dress into a tunic. Also, you can easily follow my guidelines in making an adorable fun little hat.