Tutorials for Hats and Headwear

Hats are What Dreams are Made Of!

Imagine a hat…then, DO IT!

Benefit from my illustrated, step-by-step tutorials, or apply your own artistry. But…


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Modify the Same Hat!

I explore the different possibilities of changing up the same hat, giving a one-hat wearer alternatives and diversity with the one hat.


A Headband for a Change

Here, I thought I would devise an alternative to a hat: the hippie headband!

A Swath of Color!

Need a touch of brightness to perk up a dull outfit?

Delightful Chapeau!

What you do with a simple hat form is what gives it personality!

A Hat...and an Outfit, Too!

I show you how to make this cute, cheery hat.

Plus: Follow my instructions on varying a dress to make it more versatile.

Graceful Elegance

You may imitate this sweet, sentimental style of hat, or, using my guidelines, create a design all your own!

Preserve Your Hats

Learn about the proper ways to protect the beauty and durability of your hats.