Lookee What I Found!

Hey, bargain hunters who adore grabbing up those awesome boho threads hidden in the midst of all that tiresome attire!!

In the Apopka, FL, area: Cindy’s Critter Care

I’m ecstatic over my latest finds!

Not only did I unearth some lace curtain panels to use in making or trimming something—incredibly cheaper than going to the fabric store, and added another crocheted piece to my collection, of which I will make something…

but…I discovered, hidden amongst the mounds of clothes in large bins, these fabulous finds. I  ❤ ’em!

dsc_0149-red-capeThis elegant satin and velvet cape with velvet-covered buttons and gold trim is in mint condition! It looks like it has never been used! 🙂 I suspect it may be for a young girl: the neck is tight for me, and I’m small. However, I’m going to enlarge the neck a little and it’ll be perfect!

I delight in this exceptional find (right)dsc_0155-purple-dress—made in India ❤


Ok. I’m lettin’ y’all in on a secret—’cause there’s more than enough for everybody: Items of the bohemian persuasion— these that I shared with you being my most excellent finds to date—plus loads of humdrum habiliment, a.k.a. clothes— Lol. I wanted an “h” word. Lol. (had to look it up 🙂 ) —may be found at the Goodwill Outlet on South O.B.T. in Orlando, where merchandise is sold by the pound. The per-pound cost recently increased from .99/ lb to $1.19/ lb. But, still is a good buy.

One word of caution: piranha. Certain gangs of intense and aggressive shoppers—not unlike these vicious fish who attack in tandem—who are restrained by very stern-looking Goodwill personnel in a holding area until “fresh meat” has been situated on the store floor, rush madly at the newly brought-out merchandise bins in a frantic feeding frenzy, snapping up and quickly filling shopping carts with articles, particularly shoes. :-/ One can only presume that these extreme shoppers are purveyors of goods at a flea market!! Lol. Stand clear of this insanity!!!

Sweet Memories photo restoration

The Orlando Goodwill Outlet is located at 7915 South Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32809, in the shopping center just south of the intersection of Southland Blvd/ Skyview Dr. and Hwy 441/ O.B.T., where you’ll see a regular Goodwill Retail Store on the corner.

Have fun…but beware! Lol!

And…safeguard your treasures for fear a pilferer may plunder your cache!

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