Tutorials for Tops

Make a few changes to a ready-made, and, Voila!---new top!

In these tutorials, I give you easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions—with pictures—on how to alter a ready-made garment, or use elements of different articles of clothing to create an original piece that no one else will be wearing!

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Create Some Romance!

Simply by combining elements from a blouse and a vest, you can create a whole new look!

"Comfort Food" for the Bod!

Combine three tops for a cute, comfy up-cycled tunic!

Create Interest!

I give you four tuts on different ways to change up a straight dress—making it multi-purpose!

The Finishing Touch!

Little detail equals big impact!

Top or Wrap!

This flow-y kimono is made to be worn as a top, but can also be a wrap.

A Great Addition to Your Wardrobe!

When worn under a top, it makes any shorter top into a tunic!

Bring on the Charm!

Turn a boring collared shirt into a charming and romantic top—with a separate collar choker!

Soften a Neckline!

Change the look of a shirt by removing the collar.

Steal His Shirt!

A few tucks will transform a man’s shirt into a cool tunic for you!