What is the Lagenlook?

The Lagenlook

"Lagen" is German for Layered

Are you exploring possibilities and options for re-inventing your style?

You’ve come to the right place!

If you’ve landed on my site, that means you are weary of such terms as “regular,” “normal,” “average,” and “usual”—UGH! what insipid words!!

Layering is a way of distinguishing yourself as who you are!

It means snubbing the clothing manufacturing giants and doing it your way! …creating your very own style. You will never see another woman in your outfits again!

To some, layering means wearing a sweater over a blouse, or, adding a vest or scarf.

Where is the creativity in fashion?!

My trek along the pathway to STYLE had a dubious beginning: Lol. As a teenager, I was strictly a jeans-and-T-shirt kind of girl. Gradually,  I got bolder, more imaginative and learned my colors.

I finally got to a point in life when I really didn’t care what people thought about how I dressed.

At last, I found my style—before I even knew the word “Bohemian.” Then, I hatched this blog/ website.

You see the results of my kind of layering, above.

So...How Does One Layer Successfully?

In my opinion…
  • Choose colors that match, coordinate, blend
  • Mixing prints, plaids, stripes, tie-dye is okay, as long as they share one or more common colors.
  • Pick pieces that are different lengths: a long top under a shorter one with a vest on top of that; a maxi skirt with a medium-length skirt over that one, and a short one over that. It gives the impression of a tiered or multi-layered skirt. But—in only wearing them together—you have more options of putting things together, i.e. more outfits!
  • Wear two vests—one buttoned closed, the other, open.
  • I like mixing floral prints…even if the colors aren’t the same: It looks like a flower garden!
  • Feminine-looking men’s ties can be found. I like wearing ties if the outfit welcomes it. I prefer to wear the knot loose and lower than usually seen on a man. Even wear it without a collar!