Here are Pointers, Clues, and the Inside Scoop Just for You!

I’m giving you “secrets” of how to identify your color scheme,who can wear what, where to find steals on clothes and jewelry, great handmade accessories, how to care for your hats and how to restore vintage hats, and the value of re-fashioning.

What Season are You?

Knowing what colors enhance your appearance contributes significantly in looking your best all of the time!

What Body Type Can Color Block?

This is a fun way to use colors. Are you eligible?

This was a Lucky Find!

I’m cluing you in on what I would consider a best-kept secret!

How Relevant is Upcycling?

Well, to answer that question, I’ll pose another: How important to you is being funky, fabulous and frugal?

If you’re like me, you’re always on the hunt for hats!

Here, get precise instruction of how to keep and restore them.

Learn the Proper Procedures

Low Prices? Priceless!

Finding good buys on attractive adornment is just as important to a thrifter as finding the items themselves!

Shop TheaXessorize!

Here, I introduce you to my sweet friend Theano who is very talented in making bohemian jewelry!

She has endorsed DIY Bohemian on her own blog.

The Lagenlook

What about layers?