My Style Gallery

Hoping to Inspire!

Stylishly speaking, we women owe it to ourselves to reveal how special we each are!

We are not clones, so why should we be expected to look alike?

Every one of us is an exceptional individual; none is created the same.

I encourage you: Cut a new path to a more unique way of dressing!

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See what I’m about, my interests.

Wear a scarf tied around your hips to bring balance to a jacket and add interest.

Pop on a hat! It’s amazing how much class and style a coordinated chapeau will add to your outfit!

See my hat tuts.

This outfit portrays how you would use my lacy, ruffled tank top: It is used in layering, to extend the outer top.

I call this top my “apple pie tunic” because it has a “down home” feeling. It’s “comfort food” for the bod!

  • Gather uncommon garments;
  • Layer—skirts, as well as, tops;
  • Put your own spin on an outfit;
  • Do it frugally!

Create a hat in your own style.

Combing garments will give you a one-of-a-kind piece, and, in this case, gloves to match!

Use an article of clothing for the fabric…as I did in making this purse!

Throw a tie in the mix!

Put together two skirts for one maxi!

Sew up a bag from the fabric of a pant!

Wear a gathered crinoline on the OUTSIDE of your pencil skirt!

See more of my skirt ideas…

This poncho was a “V-8 head-thumper” idea for me!

Create an impressive, custom skirt with VERY LITTLE sewing!

Fashion a fancy tank top to wear under and extend a shorter  top to give it the look of a tunic—as in the outfit, above right.

Layer it up!

Style a charming hat of your own making!

The Art of the Lagenlook

Get my tips on layering!

Reconsider your skirts…one could be a dress!

This skirt started the whole thing!

“Bohemian-ize” a tank.


Simply changing things up—by wearing a different skirt with a top, adding a vest, popping on a hat—will add many outfits to your repertoire of creations.

Think through your wardrobe…Consider what items you don’t really wear anymore— and, if you have some with common colors, you can create a new outfit!!

Vanilla Lace

Find out how to put together a very inexpensive yet charming outfit!

This skirt is so easy! All it takes is sewing just a couple of straight lines! That gives you a fun boho look!

One of my fave projects is this top. It used to be a plain, collared shirt—rather boring. Now, it’s charming!

You can make gloves from a lace curtain panel or from sleeves, as in upper right photo.

Make this Victorian-era hat!

See about layering—this has layered tops and three layers of skirt.

Be Creative!

Don’t be afraid to play dress up!

Have FUN with your clothes!

Be a Breath of Fresh Air!

Don’t be self conscious! It’s okay to be distinctive. Be yourself! Leave no room for intimidation.

Get satisfaction from creating an original outfit! Be proud of your handiwork!

Dress Like a "Million" for Pennies!

Wear a Hat!

Outfits are made up of components… Changing even one or two components makes a whole different ensemble. If you choose, you never have to wear the same outfit ever again!

This Kimono tunic is Either a Top or a Wrap!

Style is all about having fun and simply being yourself!

Be free to express yourself! Use your imagination and create anything out of anything!