Tutorials for Bags and Purses

Create Boho Bags of Your Own Design!

I hope you will be inspired by my designs in these tutorials. Please, use your own imagination to come up with ideas on making your own bags.

Or, follow my detailed tutorials, telling you exact measurements—with photos and diagrams—of how to make patterns, how to put in zippers—all you need to know about making these bags.

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Carry a Reminder of God's Protection

My tutorial may be followed in making any bag, whether you find an angel pillow top or whatever cover you like.

Create a Pattern and Sew Up a Bag!

I give you a suggested idea for an easily drawn out pattern, and directions on each step in making this little bag.

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This a Great Beach Bag!

You can easily create a fun and practical bag, useful for outings, from my detailed instructions.

Create a Boho-Chic Bag

My Bohemian Bag has gotten a lot of attention! You, too, can stitch up this Boho-style bag with my easy-to-follow directions!