Tutorials for Skirts

Create Amazing, Inventive Skirts from Unexpected Sources!

My tutorials on skirts will, hopefully, stimulate your imagination to come up with ideas of your own—or, you can follow my example and construct these skirts with my easily understood directions.

Click an image to start!

Add a Little Gypsy Spirit!

Make merry your tired attire! —with my simple method.

Blend and Embellish

I give you four adorable re-fashion ideas to accomplish with ready-mades!

Put One and One Together!

I show you a super-easy way to couple ready-made skirts to get a maxi you definitely won’t see on Jane!

Drape Yourself!

My surprising idea will give you a unique statement skirt!

Quick and Easy!

This is one of my quickest and simplest tuts!

Sew Simple!

My idea is easy to follow! —and you’ll end up with such a great skirt!